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Traditional weddings aren't for everyone. 

The most amazing thing about choosing to elope is that you can forget all expectations, opinions, and obligations about what you’re “supposed” to do on your wedding day.

Maybe it's traveling to an epic location and tying the knot with the most breathtaking landscape surrounding you.

Or maybe it's getting hitched at your local courthouse and hitting up food trucks afterwards.

Whatever your elopement adventure may be, it will revolve around what's most important to you and your love. 

modern DAY elopement: 

a non-traditional, intimate, and intentional way to get married. the focus is on the couple's experience opposed to guest experience. does not have to include secretly running away against your parents' wishes. they can actually be there if you want. :)


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With elopements, you don’t have to censor yourselves when you write your vows. The intimacy and definition of elopements allows couples to share their words honestly, without worrying about what an entire room full of people might think or say.
You get the privacy and benefit of minimal witnesses to what you’re saying. I’ve seen so many couples write two sets of vows on their wedding day when they choose the traditional wedding route: one that they read in front of everyone and one that they keep to themselves to share later. Frankly it’s sad that that even has to be the case. This is your wedding day. You should be able to be open and honest, and elopements allow you to do that.

01. you don't have to write your vows for an audience

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The average couple spends $258 per person on their guest experience. Eloping is centered around you and your partner, versus your guests. When you have a traditional wedding, you’re typically dedicating the majority of your wedding budget to your guests' experience (dinner, open bar, table settings, DJ, floral arrangements).

You can choose a few select parts of the day to invest most of your budget and splurge a bit, and you’ll still end up spending way less than you would with a traditional wedding.

02. you only pay for you + you partner's experience. Not your guests

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With elopements, your wedding day doesn’t have to feel like a rushed blur you won’t remember. You can savor it and take it slow, which is virtually impossible with traditional weddings.

Because you’re choosing every part of your elopement day with intention, you call the shots on the pace of the day.

03. you can soak in every moment of your day without feeling rushed

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