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I'm truly so honored you're considering me as your photographer! In 2018, I took the leap into being a full time photographer and I haven't looked back since! I've photographed over 100 weddings of all shapes and sizes over the past 10 years and I STILL cry at least once each wedding I photograph. Photographing life + love stories isn't just my job. It's my passion!  

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You're looking for a photographer who can capture your true personalities, real moments and all the emotions.

You're obsessed with artistic, documentary photographs with an editorial edge. 

You want a photographer who is laid back but also professional and knows all the tips + tricks to make the most out of your wedding day or session.

You want a photographer who you are 100% comfortable with and can be friends with in real life. 

You value experiencing your photographs in print and want the highest quality museum grade album and artwork to pass down as family heirlooms.

we're a good fit if...

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02. the big day

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03. Editing

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04. The result!

exploring the great outdoors
spending quality time with my family
hugging all the dogs
sipping on cold brew or margarita
doing something with my green thumb
pretending I'm an interior designer

when i don't have a camera in my hand

you'll find me

where my adventures have taken me

where i want to go